Coquimbo – Chile

To begin our summer 2018, we travel to Coquimbo region on the north of Chile. This region forms the narrowest part, or ‘waist’ of Chile, and is hence one of the country’s most mountainous areas, as the Andes range runs closer to the sea than elsewhere.

We settled on La Herradura area, and we drove from there to the surrounding places. On the first days, we spent some quality time with the family enjoying La Herradura beach. We took sunbaths and drank tea while watching waves.

Coquimbo and surrounds

We visit Guanaqueros town and beach a couple of times. There we had some seafood on the beach. And enjoy walking around street markets full of artisans.


We also travel a few times to Tongoy, a small town that was damaged by the tsunami in 2016 so it’s recovering from that event. It’s progressing fast though.

Chilean government built a new coastal road with an excellent cycle route and very protected from the waves to avoid future problems with the sea.


Tongoy is a well-known place to go on holidays for its gastronomy, seafood and fish markets and of course, the Socos beach. We visit a couple of restaurants, bought some oysters, Avalon, and fish. And we walked barefoot on the coastline over the wet sand.

Totoralillo is one of the best beaches in the region, and of course, we went there, one-time though because it’s trendy so its a crowded one. It’s a beautiful place if you enjoy swimming.

In our stay, we also visit the Coquimbo port with its fish and seafood markets and of course artisanal markets and restaurants as well. We sail around the bay in a colorful and funny catamaran furnished as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Other places that we visit where the mesquite, the lighthouse, the garrison, the English town, and several smaller attractions.

La Mezquita


At the end of the week, we went to Peñuelas coastal side for a nice walk and stopped to have a family reunion at the restaurants. We had lunch at Tio Coco Restaurant, and we had salmon and crab pie. Then by noon, we went to the Enjoy Casino, to have some drinks and relax.


The following days we spent visiting small beaches around and drinking tea. The Coquimbo region it has very nice weather and fresh air.

La Serena

We went a few times to La Serena, where we walk around visit stores and some beautiful places.

La Serena is a city and commune in northern Chile, capital of the Coquimbo Region. La Serena was founded in 1544. It is the country’s second oldest city after the national capital, Santiago. It is one of the fastest-growing areas of Chile, witnessing a population increase of 32.6% between 1992 and 2002.

The city is a tourist destination, especially during the summer, where people go to visit the beaches.

We visited the Love Japanese gardens, a beautiful reserve created in the 90’s as a donation from the mining companies based in the area. The garden is peaceful and relaxing walks among the greens and bonsai.


We visit La Recova, a centennial historical market center. La Recova it’s well known in the area for its artisans and restaurants among many other attractions.

After La Recova we went to visit La Serena square and was nice and calm. By night the square transforms to a super crowded place. Full of nightlife, food markets, artisanal markets, musicians, some stages with live shows, and full of people.



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