Fireworks Show New Year 2018 – Valparaiso – Chile

Our trip was all about the Valparaíso’s New Year show, the main reason to chose Valparaíso was the splendid and massive fireworks show that this city performs to celebrate the arriving of a New Year.

We stayed the last week of the year enjoying the windy weather of Valparaíso. That day we left the apartment early otherwise we wouldn’t make it on time, as the public transport is very very busy that day.

We arrive at “Plaza la Victoria” about 8 pm, then we started walking to find a place for dinner, we had some recommendations, but everything was closed. Everyone in the city was getting ready to party all night.

Due to a large number of visitors, about a million, most of the streets of Valparaiso are closed off to traffic around 5 pm.

Finally, we found a Peruvian restaurant, and we had dinner. After an hour of waiting, we ate. As you can imagine there was just a couple of restaurants attending so there were more than full of people.

After dinner, we started walking towards “Paseo Yugoslavo” to keep a decent spot to watch the fireworks later. This is a common place to spot the fireworks, as it is situated above “Plaza Sotomayor” and its wide range view allows to see from Valparaíso port to Viña del Mar beaches.

If you love fireworks then you don’t want to miss the New Year celebration in Valparaíso. Even though everyone calls it the Valparaiso Fireworks, it is, in fact, a display running along a great part of the coast from Valparaiso, past Viña del Mar and all the way to Concón.

There are about 17 different launching points, most of them from boats in the harbor which lasts around 20 minutes. One of the classic parts of the display is the famous ‘cascade’ of Valparaiso which is a “waterfall” of sparks showering down onto the water.

Of course, people don’t just come to see some pretty lights in the sky. It’s the partying in the street that makes Valparaiso so interesting to party hard people.

A stage is set up at Plaza Sotomayor, the main square near the wharf, with live bands that last until 8 in the morning.



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