Auckland – New Zealand

Auckland is where everything started and ended after 21 days of traveling on the road, New Zealand offers a very easy going environment for travelers as it provides with DOC Campsites, iSite information centers and there is touristic information everywhere.

Auckland is the largest urban area in the country, with an urban population of around 1,5 million. So even though is the biggest urban area it is really quiet and relaxed and not to mention that New Zealanders are the friendliest people in the world.

Our general experience was very pleasant, everything is pretty different in New Zealand, starting with that they drive from the other side of the road everything is set to the opposite side in cars, houses, and streets.

One funny fact about New Zealand is that there are more cows than people, traveling around you actually struggle to find people but not animals.

We arrive in Auckland the first day of June, that day was just running and delivering, we had a friend who offered to keep our luggage safe whilst we were traveling on the road, as we were just passing through New Zealand we had a lot of suitcases.

Then we flew to Christchurch and we started our journey in our small campervan just for two.

At the very end of our trip, we went back to Auckland to get our luggage and visit some places nearby. As our flight back to Chile was a couple of days later we decided to stay in Auckland.

We visited some iconic and historical places such as Auckland War Memorial Museum, Domain Wintergardens, Auckland Town Hall, Albert Park, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Cox’s Bay Reserve, Meola Reef Reserve, Maungauika North Head Historic Reserve, Torpedo Bay Navy Museum, Torpedo Bay Navy Museum, Mt Eden Domain and Auckland Botanic Gardens.

The first day in Auckland we visited Auckland Domains, where we particularly stopped at The Winter Gardens and The Auckland Memorial War Museum.

After that, we head to a more relaxing place, we visited Cox’s Bay Reserve and Meola Reef Reserve where we stopped to have some lunch and rest.

Following day we went to Devonport, there we visited Queens Parade Reserve, Devonport Beach, Takarunga/Mount Victoria, Maungauika/North Head Historic Reserve and Torpedo Bay Navy Museum. Where we learn and acknowledge the history of the north head area.

Later that day we head back to Auckland City, we parked in Aotea Square (main Auckland square), from there we walked around the CBD area, busy and beautiful. We visit Auckland Town Hall, classic but modern it maintains the original and traditional architecture.

To finalize our trip before to go to the airport we visited Mount Eden Summit, Mount Eden is a dormant volcano whose summit is the highest natural point on the Auckland land.

After that, we drove to return the camper van, and head to the airport to fly to Santiago of Chile.

Auckland Domain


Auckland War Memorial Museum


Meola Reef Reserve


Takarunga Mount Victoria





Maungauika/North Head Historic Reserve



Torpedo Bay Navy Museum



Aotea Square


Devonport Beach


Auckland Town Hall


Mount Eden Summit





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