Tongariro National Park – New Zealand

We drove from Wellington to Tongariro in one day. We stopped before getting to the national park in a very nice and hidden DOC Campground. We enter through a narrowed and without lights path, we thought that was not the right place, but then, we found people! in the middle of nothing, so we stayed.

In the morning we head to the Tongariro’s National Park entrance, surrounding the whole park as we drove from the east, the first stop was the visitor center to get all we needed to explore around the area.

Then we head up to the hill to visit Iwikau Village, where was all snow due to the winter, although the wheater was very cold and windy the sun made a very nice scenery. We walked arround the place, we hike a bit in the snow to get a better view of the landscape.

We visit some filming locations of the Lord of The Rings, the first one was Mordor, right in the middle of Tongariro National Park, we found that impressive mount of Destiny the Mt Ngauruhoe.

Then we head down and stopped at Tawhai Falls (Gollums Pool) and some other locations.










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