Glaciers – New Zealand

When we were traveling around New Zealand from the south to the north island, we decided to stop to see the glaciers. New Zealand contains many glaciers, mostly located near the Main Divide of the Southern Alps in the South Island. They are classed as mid-latitude mountain glaciers.

The first glacier that we visited was Fox Glacier which is located approximately 20 kilometers southwest of Franz Josef. So if you have a car is easy to visit the faces of both glaciers in one day.
The lookout over the Fox Glacier face is approximately 30 minutes walk along the valley from the nearest car park.

The second glacier that we visited was Franz Josef the walk takes almost an hour and the path is almost flat. The walk goes surrounded by waterfalls and erosion stone up to the end we had to climb a bit to get closer to the glacier.

The walk along both paths is gorgeous but the sad part of it is that the glaciers are much smaller that they used to be. Along the walk, you can see pictures of what it used to be and mark with dates of the points where was the glacier, in just a few years it has lost kilometers of extension.

Fox Glacier



Franz Josef Glacier










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