Otago Peninsula and the Highlands – New Zealand

In our fifth day of traveling, we visited Otago Peninsula, which is situated on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

The Otago Peninsula is a 20 km long harbor and flank of an extinct volcanic system. Home of an abundance of magnificent world-famous marine wildlife, namely The Royal Albatross, the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin and the Blue Penguins at Pukekura.

The road to The Peninsula is very quiet and curved, about 40 minutes driving from Dunedin to the Royal Albatross Centre, where we stopped to watch one of the largest seabirds of the world.

Otago Peninsula is also home to one of the world’s rarest penguin’s the Yellow-Eyed penguin, it gets its name from its distinct yellow headband and yellow iris.

After our stop in The Royal Albatross Centre, we drove back to Dunedin, but we took the long way over the hill. What an experience, the road was so narrow that we almost feel like falling down the hill.

But I have to say, the views from the top of the hill in Otago peninsula were just wonderful, we were so aroused by the views that we didn’t stop taking photos. And the weather was perfectly sunny and colorful, so we got pretty good photos from here!













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