New Zealand on the road – South Island (Part I)

We arrived in Auckland the first of June in the early morning, and we had a quick look around the city before getting our flight to Christchurch in the south island. We met with Francisca, a Chilean friend we made back in Brisbane. She was super helpful and keep our luggage in her house to save us troubles.

The same day in the afternoon we flew to Christchurch where we rent a camper ban. We stayed the first night in the car in a camping lot.





The next day we started our road trip heading to Lake Tekapo inland, to find later Lake Pukaki and trying to find a good spot to get a nice photo of the frozen pick of Mount Cook from the distance.

Lake Pukaki


Lake Tekapo






Mount Cook


In the afternoon we head to Omarama, we stopped to see and feed salmon fish and have a look at the beautiful nature around us. This city was very different, it has a concentric structure, or at least it was for us. We decided to visit the center square, which was in the middle of the circle.



By the afternoon we headed to the east coast stopping at a dam to see the sunset and then we drove near Otemata where we stay the night.



The next morning, was a bit rainy but we continue to Oamaru, we walked around the city stopping at the Harbor and then we got aroused with a street market full of food stores and arts. On our way back to our car we stopped at the art gallery to have a look.



To finalize our day we visit Moeraki Boulders, where the weather was really rainy but we still got some good shots of the Boulders.

Moeraki Boulders


Then we drove to Dunedin to get some provisions for the road trip and we stay the night in a camper area in town. The next day was still a bit rainy but we visited the Botanical Gardens and Baldwin Street.

Baldwing Street





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