North Queensland Beaches – Australia

In our trip to Cairns, we visited a couple of the most iconic beaches in north Queensland. The only sad part of this was that almost all of this beautiful beaches were full of crocodile and sting warnings!

Palm Cove

Palm Cove is Australia’s Cleanest Beach. The picturesque beach located on the coast of Tropical North Queensland is the inaugural winner of the National Keep Australia Beautiful Clean Beach Challenge. It is named after the palm trees that line the beach.





Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a town in Far North Queensland, approximately 70 km north of Cairns. The town is named in honor of former Premier of Queensland, John Douglas.




Kewarra Beach

Kewarra Beach, approximately 20 minutes north of Cairns City, is predominantly reserved for the locals. That’s not because it’s not as worthy as its rivals such as Palm Cove and Trinity Beach, and it’s not because it’s difficult to access. To the contrary, Cairns locals have bought all the property at this beach because it is so private and idyllic, leaving very little room for tourism development.

Kewarra is at the southern end of a large stretch of sand that takes in Palm Cove, Clifton Beach, and itself, Kewarra Beach. It is completely protected from the southeasterly swell by a rocky headland, and a large shallow sandbank fills most of the bay. However, the water is still deep enough for a swim and it a very good place to bring a young family. The beach is clean and wide and has picnic tables, play equipment, and public toilets on site.


Wonga Beach

Wonga Beach Caravan Park is one of those best-kept secrets and is one of the last absolute beachfront caravan parks in Australia. You hear of the beautiful stretches of deserted tropical beaches, well this is it.






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