Melbourne Museum

A visit to Melbourne Museum is a rich and surprising insight into life in Victoria. There is Victoria’s permanent collections and exhibitions from near and far. As well as the natural environment, culture, and history through different perspectives.

It’s a must see in Melbourne, immense and very illustrative you will find many different spaces such as:

  • The Forest Gallery, the living heart of the museum and home to tall trees and wondrous wildlife.
  • The Science and Life Gallery at the west end, where you’ll find bugs, dinosaurs, fossils, animals, human biology and more.
  • The Melbourne Gallery at the east end, which tells the story of Melbourne city.
  • Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, a place imbued with the living traditions and knowledge of Koorie people and other cultures from around Australia.
  • Te Pasifika Gallery, a bright soaring space filled with treasures from the Pacific Islands.
  • The Children’s Gallery packed with things for little kids to see and do.
  • The Touring Hall, display major exhibitions from around the world.




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