Hobart -Tasmania

We travel to Tasmania, the big island in the south of Australia. On the plane we started to realise how blue and green was this new place. When we arrived to Hobart, which is at the south of the island, we rent a car and start our road trip all around Tasmania.


In Hobart we visited a few places, starting in The Salamanca Market, a street market with hand made products, food and arts&crafts. After having a nice coffee we depart to Mount Wellington, very close to Hobart this beautiful mountain is full of trees and curves on the road. The best part of Mount Wellington was the view, and the weather was perfect to take photos!


After Mount Wellington we head back to Hobart, in our way we found a place called Waterwoks Reserve, after going around like half an hour, we found it! and it worth it!


After our nice connection with nature we decide to have some artistic inspiration, so we went to the iconic Mona Museum in Hobart. The museum was placed in a high level ground, almost inside of the Derwent River, so the view was amazing!

Mona museum is not a regular old style museum, is a very sophisticated and ultra-modern style museum. It is a full senses experience it combines visual with audios and music to give you a multi sensorial understanding of the art displayed. The exhibitions are provocative and full of conceptual meaning, makes people connect objects with sensations. View full Mona Museum post


To finish our round in Hobart we went to Sandy Bay Beach, this very quiet beach is just located in south Hobart, we had dinner looking out the sea but not looking at the sun set, the sun just in our backs!



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