Learning while travelling


Travelling I’ve learned that living is much easy than I expected, that deal with rough situations is every time easier than before. You learn how to don’t care about annoying people or annoying things, you just ignore them.

Travelling I’ve learned that sharing everything is the best way to save time, money and work. Nowadays people are very individualist, they desire that independence that capitalism system sells, they really want to have things like a house, a car, technology, and more and more.

Travelling I’ve learned that you do not enjoy your own country as much as you should when you are living there, just going overseas is when you realise how beautiful and amazing it is. Though is never too late to start sightseeing your own city.

Travelling definitely changes you, you can not be the same person after a year seeing the world, even if you just visited a few places, is all about living in a new culture that is what it changes you. Knowing people that think and feels different to you, they surprise you every time with their different cultures and lifestyles.

I want to keep travelling, I would love to go for on the road trips in South America, sightseeing every city from south to north, I would like to spend a few months doing that, then just chose a city and look for a job and stay a while.

I just need some coffee, food and transport, to travel everywhere.


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