Working in Les Belles Crepes

Charles invited us to work with him in his crepe store

Charles nos invito a trabajar con el en su local de crepes

12017489_10153550689809034_520966875742170259_o IMG_0043  IMG_0034

11116415_10153615628549034_6225606546506639004_o Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 6.25.29 PM 11926059_10153503544699034_7380208641619336379_o 11907214_10153503614089034_8327713406580341906_o 11934534_10153503994829034_3001621018034374340_o 11145081_10153499455484034_6965455379740758885_o 11940464_10153499462584034_3157418850795141740_o 11937974_10153499466674034_1044840261631611272_o


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